"I quickly improved my English during the summer at English for You. It was a lot of fun the whole time, and now I will be confident talking to other English speakers."

Juan, 14, Spain


"Now I like English more, and I email my friends and my teacher every week in English. I hope they are there next summer."

Laura, 13, Germany


"I studied at the language school for two weeks, and now I love English and I love England even more than before!"

Dominika, 19, Poland


" I will never forget my course at English for You. Hastings is a great town, and English for You is a great school. Our lessons were always so interesting. Thank you! It was very fun to visit London, and to see the sea every day. I miss it, I want to go back 🙂 "

Sirvat, 17, Armenia


"Thanks to your lessons I have become so much more fluent and professional when speaking to British and American clients. My grammar and vocabulary have improved so much, and I think my pronunciation has as well. I look forward to many more lessons over Skype, and hope to return to Hastings soon!"

Max, Germany


"I had fun every day. Playing football in the park and volleyball on the beach with all the other students was really great."

Jan, 14, Poland


"I love the lessons, especially when we were acting. And now I still talk to my friends from the class (in English, I promise! 😉 )"

Laure, 14, France


"The teachers are so kind and I have been learning so many interesting things. Every evening I was speaking to my host family at dinner, and every day I was making good friends in class. England is very interesting."

Olga, 15, Latvia


"I came to England because I love English. It is a beautiful language, and I dream of speaking it like a native with a perfect English accent. The lessons were so nice, three hours every morning went by so quickly!"

Dima, Russia


"When I first came to England, I found English grammar very difficult. But after your lessons it became easier. Next year I would like to bring my little brother."

Kris, 16, Hungary



Seeing all of London from the London Eye.



At the end of morning lessons.



Meeting dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum in London!



Students playing football during evening activities
Activities in Alexandra Park.

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A sunny excursion to Windsor castle.