About us

English for You was established in 1988. As well as providing first-class teaching and a thorough introduction to English culture, we build lasting relationships with our students and their teachers, which is why so many people return to learn English at our school year after year. Now that we are in our thirtieth year, we’ve even started welcoming the children of our previous students to study at the school!

Students and teachers on the steps to the school. Enjoying the sunset on Hastings beach. Wellington Square Gardens.

England’s most famous historic town…

Where better to immersive yourself in English language and culture than in one of England’s most exciting and beautiful towns? Hastings has been the most famous place in English history since the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The town is now a beautiful seaside resort, home to stunning beaches, breathtaking countryside, parks, a shopping centre, the iconic Hastings Pier and a charming historic Old Town.

The school building is situated at the top of Wellington Square Gardens, an elegant, 19th-century square, offering the perfect outdoor space for students to relax between lessons.

In the classroom. On the beach by the Seven Sisters cliffs.

As well as being in short walking distance from Hastings’ top attractions, we are just three minutes’ walk from the beach, five minutes’ walk from the train station and one minute’s walk from the shopping centre, which makes us unrivalled for location.

We are also perfectly situated in relation to other towns and cities of interest, which means our students can easily enjoy day-time excursions to London, Brighton, Cambridge, Canterbury and other famous parts of the country.

Trains run directly to Charing Cross (Trafalgar Square, London) and take one and a half hours. Trains to London Gatwick airport take one and a quarter hours.