Host family accommodation

We can arrange accommodation with a host family for our students. Living in an English-speaking home whilst studying at English for You is a great chance for students to practise their English outside of lessons and our free-time programme, and to see how people in England live. We know each of our host families personally, and we have worked with most of them for many years.

Accommodation with a host family includes a bed in a shared room and three meals a day (breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal). Our host families are located around Hastings town centre, within walking distance of the school.


Hotel accommodation

There is a variety of hotels and B&Bs within walking distance of our school. We are happy to help our students and their families to find a hotel during their stay. We advise anyone who wants to stay in a hotel to book their accommodation as far in advance as possible, as Hastings is a very popular destination and hotels are often fully-booked, particularly in the summer season.