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English for You is a member of HOSAC, Hastings Borough Council Overseas Student Advisory Council

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Summer Vacation Courses

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English Courses

Courses for  Adults

Courses for Juniors

Sample Timetable



Business English Courses
include languagetraining in:

þ Social English
þ Telephone calls
þ Participating in           meetings/conferences
þ Hotel arrangements
þ Ticket booking & airport procedures
þ Requesting information
þ Presenting companies' products
þ Negotiation
þ Many other areas of professional life

This course is about more than English language. It gives confidence and experiencein a foreign country. It points out the ways to success in this competitive, verydemanding world.

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Hastings: Old Town Hastings: Town Centre

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Summer Courses for adults and juniors
Summer Season:     10.07.2017 - 04.08.2017

These consist of 15 full hours' tuition  per week plus full-day excursions each week and an exciting social programme. Examples of places we visit on our excursions include London, Oxford, Windsor, Canterbury, Rye, Eastbourne and Brighton. Social programme activities include discos, swimming both at the swimming pool and in the sea, sports like tennis, volleyball, mini-golf, cricket and football, countrywalks, visits to the sea-life centre, smugglers’ caves, law courts and much, much more.
The courses are from 2 to 10 weeks long. Part of each course includes practice for the Cambridge exams (mainly KET, PET, FCE, CAE).

Courses for Adults
16 and older
Courses for Juniors
12 and older
Juniors should be mature enough to be able to walk unaccompanied to and from school behaving sensibly and safely.

on demand...

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Homestay hosts provide accommodation and all meals and treat the student as a memberof the household. They are personally chosen and inspected by the principal in order to ensure that students have good quality accommodation and a friendly home. Many students request the same hosts when they return to us and remain friends with their hosts for years.

Self-catering accommodation
This is for mature students or students coming with their parents who prefer to stay ontheir own. The accommodation is in flats with bathroom and cooking facilities.

These range from simple guest houses to luxury hotels.



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