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English for You is a member of HOSAC, Hastings Borough Council Overseas Student Advisory Council

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Courses Outside the Summer

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English Courses

Business English Courses
Homestay Courses
Budget Courses
Individual Tuition
Study Tours



Business English Courses
include languagetraining in:

þ Social English
þ Telephone calls
þ Participating in           meetings/conferences
þ Hotel arrangements
þ Ticket booking & airport procedures
þ Requesting information
þ Presenting companies' products
þ Negotiation
þ Many other areas of professional life

This course is about more than English language. It gives confidence and experiencein a foreign country. It points out the ways to success in this competitive, verydemanding world.

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Hastings Pier Hastings: Sea Life Centre

Courses Outside the Summer Season
Summer Season:     10.07.2017 - 04.08.2017
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Business English Courses
Business English Courses. These courses are for small groups (3 to 6 participants perlevel) from companies. The groups may be any level from beginners to advanced.
Homestay Courses
Homestay Courses. These consist of one-to-one tuition andaccommodation and food in the teacher’s home.
Budget Courses
Budget Courses. These are for groups of a minimum of 15 studentsof one level. They are suitable for groups of school pupils (aged 12 to 19) coming withtheir teachers.
Individual Tuition
These consist of one-to-one tuition at English for You. Accommodation can be arrangedaccording to the client's requirements (hosts, hotels or self-catering)..
Study Tours
These are 3 to 10-day stays in England for groups which want to concentrate onsightseeing trips. We provide homestay accommodation, professional guides and tasterlessons. They are suitable for school groups and groups of any age organized by travelagencies.

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Homestay hosts provide accommodation and all meals and treat the student as a memberof the household. They are personally chosen and inspected by the principal in order toensure that students have good quality accommodation and a friendly home. Many studentsrequest the same hosts when they return to us and remain friends with their hosts foryears.

Self-catering accommodation
This is for mature students or students coming with their parents who prefer to stay ontheir own. The accommodation is in flats with bathroom and cooking facilities.

These range from simple guest houses to luxury hotels.


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